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AWS SDK for Java API Reference - 2.17.43



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Package Description


The Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) API is REST compatible, using a standard HTTP API and an AWS EventBridge event stream for responses. JSON is used for both requests and responses, including errors.

The API is an AWS regional service, currently in these regions: us-west-2, us-east-1, and eu-west-1.

All API request parameters and URLs are case sensitive.

For a summary of notable documentation changes in each release, see Document History.

Service Endpoints

The following are the Amazon IVS service endpoints (all HTTPS):

Region name: US West (Oregon)

Region name: US East (Virginia)

Region name: EU West (Dublin)

Allowed Header Values


The following resources contain information about your IVS live stream (see Getting Started with Amazon IVS):


A tag is a metadata label that you assign to an AWS resource. A tag comprises a key and a value, both set by you. For example, you might set a tag as topic:nature to label a particular video category. See Tagging AWS Resources for more information, including restrictions that apply to tags.

Tags can help you identify and organize your AWS resources. For example, you can use the same tag for different resources to indicate that they are related. You can also use tags to manage access (see Access Tags).

The Amazon IVS API has these tag-related endpoints: TagResource, UntagResource, and ListTagsForResource. The following resources support tagging: Channels, Stream Keys, Playback Key Pairs, and Recording Configurations.

Authentication versus Authorization

Note the differences between these concepts:


All Amazon IVS API requests must be authenticated with a signature. The AWS Command-Line Interface (CLI) and Amazon IVS Player SDKs take care of signing the underlying API calls for you. However, if your application calls the Amazon IVS API directly, it’s your responsibility to sign the requests.

You generate a signature using valid AWS credentials that have permission to perform the requested action. For example, you must sign PutMetadata requests with a signature generated from an IAM user account that has the ivs:PutMetadata permission.

For more information:

Channel Endpoints

StreamKey Endpoints

Stream Endpoints

PlaybackKeyPair Endpoints

For more information, see Setting Up Private Channels in the Amazon IVS User Guide.

RecordingConfiguration Endpoints

AWS Tags Endpoints

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