AWS SDK for C++  1.9.156
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Aws::SDKOptions Struct Reference

#include <Aws.h>

Public Attributes

IoOptions ioOptions
LoggingOptions loggingOptions
MemoryManagementOptions memoryManagementOptions
HttpOptions httpOptions
CryptoOptions cryptoOptions
MonitoringOptions monitoringOptions

Detailed Description

You may notice that instead of taking pointers directly to your factories, we take a closure. This is because if you have installed custom memory management, the allocation for your factories needs to happen after the memory system has been initialized and shutdown needs to happen prior to the memory management being shutdown.

Common Recipes:

Just use defaults:

SDKOptions options; Aws::InitAPI(options); ..... Aws::ShutdownAPI(options);

Turn logging on using the default logger:

SDKOptions options; options.loggingOptions.logLevel = Aws::Utils::Logging::LogLevel::Info; Aws::InitAPI(options); ..... Aws::ShutdownAPI(options);

Install custom memory manager:

MyMemoryManager memoryManager;

SDKOptions options; options.memoryManagementOptions.memoryManager = Aws::InitAPI(options); ..... Aws::ShutdownAPI(options);

Override default http client factory

SDKOptions options; options.httpOptions.httpClientFactory_create_fn = [](){ return Aws::MakeShared<MyCustomHttpClientFactory>("ALLOC_TAG", arg1); }; Aws::InitAPI(options); ..... Aws::ShutdownAPI(options);

Definition at line 212 of file Aws.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cryptoOptions

CryptoOptions Aws::SDKOptions::cryptoOptions

SDK wide options for crypto

Definition at line 233 of file Aws.h.

◆ httpOptions

HttpOptions Aws::SDKOptions::httpOptions

SDK wide options for http

Definition at line 229 of file Aws.h.

◆ ioOptions

IoOptions Aws::SDKOptions::ioOptions

SDK wide options for I/O: client bootstrap and TLS connection options

Definition at line 217 of file Aws.h.

◆ loggingOptions

LoggingOptions Aws::SDKOptions::loggingOptions

SDK wide options for logging

Definition at line 221 of file Aws.h.

◆ memoryManagementOptions

MemoryManagementOptions Aws::SDKOptions::memoryManagementOptions

SDK wide options for memory management

Definition at line 225 of file Aws.h.

◆ monitoringOptions

MonitoringOptions Aws::SDKOptions::monitoringOptions

Options used to set up customized monitoring implementations Put your monitoring factory in a closure (a create factory function) and put all closures in a vector. Basic usage can be found in aws-cpp-sdk-core-tests/monitoring/MonitoringTest.cpp

Definition at line 240 of file Aws.h.

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