AWS SDK for C++  1.9.176
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Aws::Utils::Memory Namespace Reference


class  MemorySystemInterface


AWS_CORE_API void InitializeAWSMemorySystem (MemorySystemInterface &memorySystem)
AWS_CORE_API void ShutdownAWSMemorySystem (void)
AWS_CORE_API MemorySystemInterfaceGetMemorySystem ()

Function Documentation

◆ GetMemorySystem()

AWS_CORE_API MemorySystemInterface* Aws::Utils::Memory::GetMemorySystem ( )

Get the globally install memory system, if it has been installed.

◆ InitializeAWSMemorySystem()

AWS_CORE_API void Aws::Utils::Memory::InitializeAWSMemorySystem ( MemorySystemInterface memorySystem)

InitializeAWSMemory should be called at the very start of your program

◆ ShutdownAWSMemorySystem()

AWS_CORE_API void Aws::Utils::Memory::ShutdownAWSMemorySystem ( void  )

ShutdownAWSMemory should be called the very end of your program