AWS SDK for C++  1.9.66
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Aws::TextToSpeech Namespace Reference


struct  CapabilityInfo
class  CoreAudioPCMOutputDriver
struct  DeviceInfo
class  PCMOutputDriver
class  PCMOutputDriverFactory
class  PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver
class  TextToSpeechManager
class  WaveOutPCMOutputDriver


typedef std::function< void(const char *, const Polly::Model::SynthesizeSpeechOutcome &, bool)> SendTextCompletedHandler
typedef std::pair< DeviceInfo, std::shared_ptr< PCMOutputDriver > > OutputDevicePair
typedef Aws::Vector< OutputDevicePairOutputDeviceList


AWS_TEXT_TO_SPEECH_API std::shared_ptr< PCMOutputDriverFactoryDefaultPCMOutputDriverFactoryInitFn ()


static const unsigned BIT_WIDTH_16 = 16
static const unsigned MONO = 1
static const size_t KHZ_22_5 = 22050
static const size_t KHZ_16 = 16000
static const size_t KHZ_8 = 8000
static const size_t BUFF_SIZE = 8192

Typedef Documentation

◆ OutputDeviceList

Definition at line 29 of file TextToSpeechManager.h.

◆ OutputDevicePair

typedef std::pair<DeviceInfo, std::shared_ptr<PCMOutputDriver> > Aws::TextToSpeech::OutputDevicePair

Definition at line 28 of file TextToSpeechManager.h.

◆ SendTextCompletedHandler

typedef std::function<void(const char*, const Polly::Model::SynthesizeSpeechOutcome&, bool)> Aws::TextToSpeech::SendTextCompletedHandler

Callback for handling notifications that the SendTextToOutputDevice operation has finished. @arg1 the text that was sent @arg2 the outcome of the operation from the polly service. @arg3 whether or not the audio stream was successfully sent to the audio driver.

Definition at line 26 of file TextToSpeechManager.h.

Function Documentation

◆ DefaultPCMOutputDriverFactoryInitFn()

AWS_TEXT_TO_SPEECH_API std::shared_ptr<PCMOutputDriverFactory> Aws::TextToSpeech::DefaultPCMOutputDriverFactoryInitFn ( )

Returns a default factory. This factory handles operating system defaults: Windows - WaveOut Linux - PulseAudio Apple - CoreAudio

Variable Documentation


const unsigned Aws::TextToSpeech::BIT_WIDTH_16 = 16

Definition at line 17 of file PCMOutputDriver.h.


const size_t Aws::TextToSpeech::BUFF_SIZE = 8192

Maximum bytes size of audio to be sent to PCM drivers by TextToSpeechManager in one operation with PCMOutputDriver::WriteBufferToDevice()

Definition at line 35 of file TextToSpeechManager.h.

◆ KHZ_16

const size_t Aws::TextToSpeech::KHZ_16 = 16000

Definition at line 20 of file PCMOutputDriver.h.

◆ KHZ_22_5

const size_t Aws::TextToSpeech::KHZ_22_5 = 22050

Definition at line 19 of file PCMOutputDriver.h.

◆ KHZ_8

const size_t Aws::TextToSpeech::KHZ_8 = 8000

Definition at line 21 of file PCMOutputDriver.h.


const unsigned Aws::TextToSpeech::MONO = 1

Definition at line 18 of file PCMOutputDriver.h.