AWS SDK for C++  1.9.125
AWS SDK for C++
Aws::Client::CoreErrorsMapper Namespace Reference


AWS_CORE_API AWSError< CoreErrorsGetErrorForName (const char *errorName)
AWS_CORE_API void InitCoreErrorsMapper ()
AWS_CORE_API void CleanupCoreErrorsMapper ()
AWS_CORE_API AWSError< CoreErrorsGetErrorForHttpResponseCode (Aws::Http::HttpResponseCode code)

Function Documentation

◆ CleanupCoreErrorsMapper()

AWS_CORE_API void Aws::Client::CoreErrorsMapper::CleanupCoreErrorsMapper ( )

Cleanup memory allocated for Aws::Map used by AWS CoreError Mapper.

◆ GetErrorForHttpResponseCode()

AWS_CORE_API AWSError<CoreErrors> Aws::Client::CoreErrorsMapper::GetErrorForHttpResponseCode ( Aws::Http::HttpResponseCode  code)

Finds a CoreErrors member if possible by HTTP response code

◆ GetErrorForName()

AWS_CORE_API AWSError<CoreErrors> Aws::Client::CoreErrorsMapper::GetErrorForName ( const char *  errorName)

Finds a CoreErrors member if possible. Otherwise, returns UNKNOWN

◆ InitCoreErrorsMapper()

AWS_CORE_API void Aws::Client::CoreErrorsMapper::InitCoreErrorsMapper ( )

Build the mapping between predefined exception names and Aws CoreErrors using Aws::Map.