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Aws::Utils::UUID Class Reference

#include <UUID.h>

Public Member Functions

 UUID (const Aws::String &)
 UUID (const unsigned char uuid[UUID_BINARY_SIZE])
 operator Aws::String () const
 operator ByteBuffer () const

Static Public Member Functions

static UUID RandomUUID ()

Detailed Description

Class encapsulating a UUID. This is platform dependent. The method you are most likely interested in is RandomUUID().

Definition at line 21 of file UUID.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UUID() [1/2]

Aws::Utils::UUID::UUID ( const Aws::String )

Parses a GUID string into the raw data.

◆ UUID() [2/2]

Aws::Utils::UUID::UUID ( const unsigned char  uuid[UUID_BINARY_SIZE])

Sets the raw uuid data

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator Aws::String()

Aws::Utils::UUID::operator Aws::String ( ) const

Returns the current UUID as a GUID string

◆ operator ByteBuffer()

Aws::Utils::UUID::operator ByteBuffer ( ) const

Returns a copy of the raw uuid

Definition at line 40 of file UUID.h.

◆ RandomUUID()

static UUID Aws::Utils::UUID::RandomUUID ( )

Generates a UUID. It will always try to prefer a random implementation from the entropy source on the machine. If none, is available, it will fallback to the mac address and timestamp implementation.

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