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Aws::Utils::Crypto::BCryptHashImpl Class Reference

#include <CryptoImpl.h>

Public Member Functions

 BCryptHashImpl (LPCWSTR algorithmName, bool isHMAC)
 ~BCryptHashImpl ()
HashResult Calculate (const Aws::String &str)
HashResult Calculate (const ByteBuffer &toHash, const ByteBuffer &secret)
HashResult Calculate (Aws::IStream &stream)

Detailed Description

RAII class for persistent data (can be reused across hash calculations) used in Windows cryptographic hash implementations If a mutex-free implementation is desired then this data won't be reusable like this

Definition at line 49 of file CryptoImpl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BCryptHashImpl()

Aws::Utils::Crypto::BCryptHashImpl::BCryptHashImpl ( LPCWSTR  algorithmName,
bool  isHMAC 

Initializes Windows Crypto APIs and gets the instance ready to perform crypto calculations. algorithmName is one of the values described here:

◆ ~BCryptHashImpl()

Aws::Utils::Crypto::BCryptHashImpl::~BCryptHashImpl ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Calculate() [1/3]

HashResult Aws::Utils::Crypto::BCryptHashImpl::Calculate ( Aws::IStream stream)

Calculates a Hash on the stream without loading the entire stream into memory at once.

◆ Calculate() [2/3]

HashResult Aws::Utils::Crypto::BCryptHashImpl::Calculate ( const Aws::String str)

Calculates a Hash on str.

◆ Calculate() [3/3]

HashResult Aws::Utils::Crypto::BCryptHashImpl::Calculate ( const ByteBuffer toHash,
const ByteBuffer secret 

Calculates an HMAC on toHash using secret

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