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Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver Class Reference

#include <PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver ()
virtual ~PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver ()
 PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver (const PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver &)=delete
PulseAudioPCMOutputDriveroperator= (const PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver &)=delete
 PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver (PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver &&)=delete
PulseAudioPCMOutputDriveroperator= (PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver &&)=delete
bool WriteBufferToDevice (const unsigned char *buffer, size_t bufferSize) override
Aws::Vector< DeviceInfoEnumerateDevices () const override
void SetActiveDevice (const DeviceInfo &device, const CapabilityInfo &capabilities) override
const char * GetName () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Aws::TextToSpeech::PCMOutputDriver
virtual ~PCMOutputDriver ()
virtual void Prime ()
virtual void Flush ()

Detailed Description

PulseAudio implementation for PCM output.

Definition at line 18 of file PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver() [1/3]

Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver ( )

◆ ~PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver()

virtual Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::~PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver ( )

◆ PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver() [2/3]

Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver ( const PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver )

◆ PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver() [3/3]

Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver ( PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver &&  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ EnumerateDevices()

Aws::Vector<DeviceInfo> Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::EnumerateDevices ( ) const

Enumerate all devices and their capabilities. The device id and the capability will be returned to you when a user calls SetActiveDevice();

Implements Aws::TextToSpeech::PCMOutputDriver.

◆ GetName()

const char* Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::GetName ( ) const

Get a friendly name for this driver.

Implements Aws::TextToSpeech::PCMOutputDriver.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver& Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::operator= ( const PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver& Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::operator= ( PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver &&  )

◆ SetActiveDevice()

void Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::SetActiveDevice ( const DeviceInfo ,
const CapabilityInfo  

Set the device and format that this driver should use. After this call, you should expect all calls to WriteBufferToDevice() to be for the specified device and format.

Implements Aws::TextToSpeech::PCMOutputDriver.

◆ WriteBufferToDevice()

bool Aws::TextToSpeech::PulseAudioPCMOutputDriver::WriteBufferToDevice ( const unsigned char *  ,

Write a buffer of audio data to a device. The format of this data will be set in the SetActiveDevice function. returns true if audio was successfully written to the device, false otherwise.

Implements Aws::TextToSpeech::PCMOutputDriver.

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