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Aws::Http::URI Class Reference

#include <URI.h>

Public Member Functions

 URI ()
 URI (const Aws::String &)
 URI (const char *)
URIoperator= (const Aws::String &)
URIoperator= (const char *)
bool operator== (const URI &) const
bool operator== (const Aws::String &) const
bool operator== (const char *) const
bool operator!= (const URI &) const
bool operator!= (const Aws::String &) const
bool operator!= (const char *) const
Scheme GetScheme () const
void SetScheme (Scheme value)
const Aws::StringGetAuthority () const
void SetAuthority (const Aws::String &value)
uint16_t GetPort () const
void SetPort (uint16_t value)
Aws::String GetPath () const
Aws::String GetURLEncodedPath () const
Aws::String GetURLEncodedPathRFC3986 () const
void SetPath (const Aws::String &value)
template<typename T >
void AddPathSegment (T pathSegment)
template<typename T >
void AddPathSegments (T pathSegments)
const Aws::StringGetQueryString () const
void SetQueryString (const Aws::String &str)
Aws::String GetFormParameters () const
void CanonicalizeQueryString ()
QueryStringParameterCollection GetQueryStringParameters (bool decode=true) const
void AddQueryStringParameter (const char *key, const Aws::String &value)
void AddQueryStringParameter (const Aws::Map< Aws::String, Aws::String > &queryStringPairs)
Aws::String GetURIString (bool includeQueryString=true) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Aws::String URLEncodePath (const Aws::String &path)
static Aws::String URLEncodePathRFC3986 (const Aws::String &path)

Detailed Description

class modeling universal resource identifier, but implemented for http

Definition at line 31 of file URI.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ URI() [1/3]

Aws::Http::URI::URI ( )

Defaults to http and port 80

◆ URI() [2/3]

Aws::Http::URI::URI ( const Aws::String )

Parses string and sets uri fields

◆ URI() [3/3]

Aws::Http::URI::URI ( const char *  )

Parses string and sets uri fields

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddPathSegment()

template<typename T >
void Aws::Http::URI::AddPathSegment ( pathSegment)

Add a path segment to the uri. Leading slashes and trailing slashes will be removed. Use AddPathSegments() to enable trailing slashes.

Definition at line 115 of file URI.h.

◆ AddPathSegments()

template<typename T >
void Aws::Http::URI::AddPathSegments ( pathSegments)

Add path segments to the uri.

Definition at line 130 of file URI.h.

◆ AddQueryStringParameter() [1/2]

void Aws::Http::URI::AddQueryStringParameter ( const Aws::Map< Aws::String, Aws::String > &  queryStringPairs)

Adds multiple query string parameters to underlying query string.

◆ AddQueryStringParameter() [2/2]

void Aws::Http::URI::AddQueryStringParameter ( const char *  key,
const Aws::String value 

Adds query string parameter to underlying query string.

◆ CanonicalizeQueryString()

void Aws::Http::URI::CanonicalizeQueryString ( )

Canonicalizes the query string.

◆ GetAuthority()

const Aws::String& Aws::Http::URI::GetAuthority ( ) const

Gets the domain portion of the uri

Definition at line 70 of file URI.h.

◆ GetFormParameters()

Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::GetFormParameters ( ) const

◆ GetPath()

Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::GetPath ( ) const

Gets the path portion of the uri e.g. the portion after the first slash after the authority and prior to the query string. This is not url encoded.

◆ GetPort()

uint16_t Aws::Http::URI::GetPort ( ) const

Gets the port portion of the uri, defaults to 22 for ftp, 80 for http and 443 for https

Definition at line 80 of file URI.h.

◆ GetQueryString()

const Aws::String& Aws::Http::URI::GetQueryString ( ) const

Gets the raw query string including the ?

Definition at line 145 of file URI.h.

◆ GetQueryStringParameters()

QueryStringParameterCollection Aws::Http::URI::GetQueryStringParameters ( bool  decode = true) const

parses query string and returns url decoded key/value mappings from it. Spaces and all url encoded values will not be encoded.

◆ GetScheme()

Scheme Aws::Http::URI::GetScheme ( ) const

scheme or protocol e.g. http, https, ftp

Definition at line 60 of file URI.h.

◆ GetURIString()

Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::GetURIString ( bool  includeQueryString = true) const

Converts the URI to a String usable for its context. e.g. an http request.

◆ GetURLEncodedPath()

Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::GetURLEncodedPath ( ) const

Gets the path portion of the uri, url encodes it and returns it

◆ GetURLEncodedPathRFC3986()

Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::GetURLEncodedPathRFC3986 ( ) const

Gets the path portion of the uri, url encodes it according to RFC3986 and returns it.

◆ operator!=() [1/3]

bool Aws::Http::URI::operator!= ( const Aws::String ) const

◆ operator!=() [2/3]

bool Aws::Http::URI::operator!= ( const char *  ) const

◆ operator!=() [3/3]

bool Aws::Http::URI::operator!= ( const URI ) const

◆ operator=() [1/2]

URI& Aws::Http::URI::operator= ( const Aws::String )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

URI& Aws::Http::URI::operator= ( const char *  )

◆ operator==() [1/3]

bool Aws::Http::URI::operator== ( const Aws::String ) const

◆ operator==() [2/3]

bool Aws::Http::URI::operator== ( const char *  ) const

◆ operator==() [3/3]

bool Aws::Http::URI::operator== ( const URI ) const

◆ SetAuthority()

void Aws::Http::URI::SetAuthority ( const Aws::String value)

Sets the domain portion of the uri

Definition at line 75 of file URI.h.

◆ SetPath()

void Aws::Http::URI::SetPath ( const Aws::String value)

Sets the path portion of the uri. URL encodes it if needed

◆ SetPort()

void Aws::Http::URI::SetPort ( uint16_t  value)

Sets the port portion of the uri, normally you will not have to do this. If the scheme is set to ftp, http or https then the default ports will be set.

Definition at line 86 of file URI.h.

◆ SetQueryString()

void Aws::Http::URI::SetQueryString ( const Aws::String str)

Resets the query string to the raw string. all query string manipulations made before this call will be lost

◆ SetScheme()

void Aws::Http::URI::SetScheme ( Scheme  value)

Sets scheme, if the port is incompatible with this scheme, the port will automatically be set as well.

◆ URLEncodePath()

static Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::URLEncodePath ( const Aws::String path)

URLEncodes the path portions of path (doesn't encode the "/" portion) Keeps the first and the last "/".

◆ URLEncodePathRFC3986()

static Aws::String Aws::Http::URI::URLEncodePathRFC3986 ( const Aws::String path)

URLEncodes the path portion of the URI according to RFC3986

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