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Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse Class Reference

#include <StandardHttpResponse.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StandardHttpResponse (const std::shared_ptr< const HttpRequest > &originatingRequest)
 ~StandardHttpResponse ()=default
HeaderValueCollection GetHeaders () const
bool HasHeader (const char *headerName) const
const Aws::StringGetHeader (const Aws::String &) const
Aws::IOStreamGetResponseBody () const
Utils::Stream::ResponseStream && SwapResponseStreamOwnership ()
void AddHeader (const Aws::String &, const Aws::String &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Aws::Http::HttpResponse
 HttpResponse (const std::shared_ptr< const HttpRequest > &originatingRequest)
virtual ~HttpResponse ()=default
virtual const HttpRequestGetOriginatingRequest () const
virtual void SetOriginatingRequest (const std::shared_ptr< const HttpRequest > &httpRequest)
virtual HttpResponseCode GetResponseCode () const
virtual void SetResponseCode (HttpResponseCode httpResponseCode)
virtual const Aws::StringGetContentType () const
virtual void SetContentType (const Aws::String &contentType)
bool HasClientError () const
void SetClientErrorType (Aws::Client::CoreErrors errorType)
Aws::Client::CoreErrors GetClientErrorType ()
const Aws::StringGetClientErrorMessage () const
void SetClientErrorMessage (const Aws::String &error)

Detailed Description

Simple STL representation an Http Response, implements HttpResponse.

Definition at line 24 of file StandardHttpResponse.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StandardHttpResponse()

Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::StandardHttpResponse ( const std::shared_ptr< const HttpRequest > &  originatingRequest)

Initializes an http response with the originalRequest and the response code.

Definition at line 30 of file StandardHttpResponse.h.

◆ ~StandardHttpResponse()

Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::~StandardHttpResponse ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddHeader()

void Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::AddHeader ( const Aws::String ,
const Aws::String  

Adds a header to the http response object.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpResponse.

◆ GetHeader()

const Aws::String& Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::GetHeader ( const Aws::String ) const

Returns the value for a header at headerName if it exists.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpResponse.

◆ GetHeaders()

HeaderValueCollection Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::GetHeaders ( ) const

Get the headers from this response

Implements Aws::Http::HttpResponse.

◆ GetResponseBody()

Aws::IOStream& Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::GetResponseBody ( ) const

Gets the response body of the response.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpResponse.

Definition at line 52 of file StandardHttpResponse.h.

◆ HasHeader()

bool Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::HasHeader ( const char *  headerName) const

Returns true if the response contains a header by headerName

Implements Aws::Http::HttpResponse.

◆ SwapResponseStreamOwnership()

Utils::Stream::ResponseStream&& Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpResponse::SwapResponseStreamOwnership ( )

Gives full control of the memory of the ResponseBody over to the caller. At this point, it is the caller's responsibility to clean up this object.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpResponse.

Definition at line 57 of file StandardHttpResponse.h.

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