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Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest Class Reference

#include <StandardHttpRequest.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StandardHttpRequest (const URI &uri, HttpMethod method)
virtual HeaderValueCollection GetHeaders () const override
virtual const Aws::StringGetHeaderValue (const char *headerName) const override
virtual void SetHeaderValue (const char *headerName, const Aws::String &headerValue) override
virtual void SetHeaderValue (const Aws::String &headerName, const Aws::String &headerValue) override
virtual void DeleteHeader (const char *headerName) override
virtual void AddContentBody (const std::shared_ptr< Aws::IOStream > &strContent) override
virtual const std::shared_ptr< Aws::IOStream > & GetContentBody () const override
virtual bool HasHeader (const char *) const override
virtual int64_t GetSize () const override
virtual const Aws::IOStreamFactoryGetResponseStreamFactory () const override
virtual void SetResponseStreamFactory (const Aws::IOStreamFactory &factory) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Aws::Http::HttpRequest
 HttpRequest (const URI &uri, HttpMethod method)
virtual ~HttpRequest ()
URIGetUri ()
const URIGetUri () const
Aws::String GetURIString (bool includeQueryString=true) const
HttpMethod GetMethod () const
const Aws::StringGetQueryString () const
void CanonicalizeRequest ()
QueryStringParameterCollection GetQueryStringParameters () const
void AddQueryStringParameter (const char *key, const Aws::String &value)
bool HasDate () const
const Aws::StringGetDate () const
void SetDate (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasAccept () const
const Aws::StringGetAccept () const
void SetAccept (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasAcceptCharSet () const
const Aws::StringGetAcceptCharSet () const
void SetAcceptCharSet (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasAcceptEncoding () const
const Aws::StringGetAcceptEncoding () const
void SetAcceptEncoding (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasAuthorization () const
const Aws::StringGetAuthorization () const
void SetAuthorization (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasAwsAuthorization () const
const Aws::StringGetAwsAuthorization () const
void SetAwsAuthorization (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasAwsSessionToken () const
const Aws::StringGetAwsSessionToken () const
void SetAwsSessionToken (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasCookie () const
const Aws::StringGetCookie () const
void SetCookie (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasContentLength () const
const Aws::StringGetContentLength () const
void SetContentLength (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasContentType () const
const Aws::StringGetContentType () const
void SetContentType (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasTransferEncoding () const
const Aws::StringGetTransferEncoding () const
void SetTransferEncoding (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasUserAgent () const
const Aws::StringGetUserAgent () const
void SetUserAgent (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasVia () const
const Aws::StringGetVia () const
void SetVia (const Aws::String &value)
bool HasApiVersion () const
const Aws::StringGetApiVersion () const
void SetApiVersion (const Aws::String &value)
void SetDataReceivedEventHandler (const DataReceivedEventHandler &dataReceivedEventHandler)
void SetDataReceivedEventHandler (DataReceivedEventHandler &&dataReceivedEventHandler)
void SetDataSentEventHandler (const DataSentEventHandler &dataSentEventHandler)
void SetDataSentEventHandler (DataSentEventHandler &&dataSentEventHandler)
void SetContinueRequestHandle (const ContinueRequestHandler &continueRequestHandler)
void SetContinueRequestHandle (ContinueRequestHandler &&continueRequestHandler)
const DataReceivedEventHandlerGetDataReceivedEventHandler () const
const DataSentEventHandlerGetDataSentEventHandler () const
const ContinueRequestHandlerGetContinueRequestHandler () const
const Aws::StringGetSigningAccessKey () const
void SetSigningAccessKey (const Aws::String &accessKey)
const Aws::StringGetSigningRegion () const
void SetSigningRegion (const Aws::String &region)
virtual void AddRequestMetric (const Aws::String &key, int64_t value)
virtual void SetRequestMetrics (const Aws::Monitoring::HttpClientMetricsCollection &collection)
virtual const Aws::Monitoring::HttpClientMetricsCollectionGetRequestMetrics () const
Aws::String GetResolvedRemoteHost () const
void SetResolvedRemoteHost (const Aws::String &ip)
bool IsEventStreamRequest ()
void SetEventStreamRequest (bool eventStreamRequest)
virtual std::shared_ptr< Aws::Crt::Http::HttpRequest > ToCrtHttpRequest ()

Detailed Description

Simple STL container modeling of HttpRequest. Implementation of the HttpRequest interface.

Definition at line 23 of file StandardHttpRequest.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StandardHttpRequest()

Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::StandardHttpRequest ( const URI uri,
HttpMethod  method 

Initializes an HttpRequest object with uri and http method.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddContentBody()

virtual void Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::AddContentBody ( const std::shared_ptr< Aws::IOStream > &  strContent)

Adds a content body stream to the request. This stream will be used to send the body to the endpoint.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

Definition at line 56 of file StandardHttpRequest.h.

◆ DeleteHeader()

virtual void Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::DeleteHeader ( const char *  headerName)

delete pair by headerName

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ GetContentBody()

virtual const std::shared_ptr<Aws::IOStream>& Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::GetContentBody ( ) const

Gets the content body stream that will be used for this request.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

Definition at line 60 of file StandardHttpRequest.h.

◆ GetHeaders()

virtual HeaderValueCollection Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::GetHeaders ( ) const

Get All headers for this request.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ GetHeaderValue()

virtual const Aws::String& Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::GetHeaderValue ( const char *  headerName) const

Get the value for a Header based on its name. This function doesn't check the existence of headerName. So make sure you call HasHeader() first before calling this function, otherwise the behavior is undefined.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ GetResponseStreamFactory()

virtual const Aws::IOStreamFactory& Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::GetResponseStreamFactory ( ) const

Gets the factory for creating the stream that will be used in the http response.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ GetSize()

virtual int64_t Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::GetSize ( ) const

Get size in bytes of the request when as it will be going accross the wire.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ HasHeader()

virtual bool Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::HasHeader ( const char *  ) const

Returns true if a header exists in the request with name

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ SetHeaderValue() [1/2]

virtual void Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::SetHeaderValue ( const Aws::String headerName,
const Aws::String headerValue 

Add a header pair

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ SetHeaderValue() [2/2]

virtual void Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::SetHeaderValue ( const char *  headerName,
const Aws::String headerValue 

Add a header pair

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

◆ SetResponseStreamFactory()

virtual void Aws::Http::Standard::StandardHttpRequest::SetResponseStreamFactory ( const Aws::IOStreamFactory factory)

Sets the factory for creating the stream that will be used in the http response.

Implements Aws::Http::HttpRequest.

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