AWS SDK for C++  1.8.22
AWS SDK for C++
Aws::S3::S3Endpoint Namespace Reference


AWS_S3_API Aws::String ForRegion (const Aws::String &regionName, bool useDualStack=false, bool USEast1UseRegionalEndpoint=false)
AWS_S3_API Aws::String ForAccessPointArn (const S3ARN &arn, const Aws::String &regionNameOverride="", bool useDualStack=false)

Function Documentation

◆ ForAccessPointArn()

AWS_S3_API Aws::String Aws::S3::S3Endpoint::ForAccessPointArn ( const S3ARN arn,
const Aws::String regionNameOverride = "",
bool  useDualStack = false 

Compute endpoint based on Access Point ARN.

arnThe S3 Access Point ARN
regionNameOverrideOverride region name in ARN if it's not empty
useDualStackUsing dual-stack endpoint if true

◆ ForRegion()

AWS_S3_API Aws::String Aws::S3::S3Endpoint::ForRegion ( const Aws::String regionName,
bool  useDualStack = false,
bool  USEast1UseRegionalEndpoint = false 

Compute endpoint based on region.

regionNameThe AWS region used in the endpoint
useDualStackUsing dual-stack endpoint if true
USEast1UseRegionalEndpointUsing global endpoint for us-east-1 if the value is LEGACY, or using regional endpoint if it's REGIONAL